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The perfect balance of life, love and family for new mum, hotelier Georgia Duff

Hotelier Georgia Duff was relying on her expertise in strategic planning to ensure the arrival of their first baby would be a smooth transition for she and partner Nick Quinn. But little Sage Rose had other ideas…

In her work life, Georgia and partner Nic Quinn together run The Bradford, The Rutherford, Windsor Castle and The Bank hotels, along with Lakeside Village Tavern.

Her role encompasses a broad range of responsibilities from managing all marketing and promotions, to events and gaming. So, when the couple decided to start a family, a complex plan was put into place that would allow Georgia the time she needed to create that sought-after balance between work and family.

And then baby Sage was born premature. By eight weeks.

“Like most premature births, hers was not without its complications and it was a really intense time for Nic and I,” Georgia said.

“She is well out of the woods now and in perfect health, but our plans kind of went out the window when she came so early.”

“Had it not been for the support of our staff and extended hotel family we would have been lost, but thanks to them we could drop what we were doing and it allowed us to be fully present with such an incredible experience.”

In both her professional and personal life, partner Nic has always been Georgia’s biggest fan and after the birth of Sage, he said there’s not a day goes by she doesn’t surprise him with her unwavering strength, determination and energy.

“It’s as though she was born for this,” Nic said.

“Watching her become a Mum for the first time, as well as how successful she is in our business, has just blown me away.”

“Over the years she’s always been there to keep me walking in a straight line rather than running in circles like I often do, and she has the courage to tell me when I am looking at something within the business from the wrong angle. I’m really so proud of everything she does.”

“From the moment we met in a country pub when I was 18, this industry really has given me my whole life and it’s a

beautiful one...”