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About Paul Woseen: A Three-Decade long Songwriting Legacy in Australian Music

Paul Woseen, a founding member of The Screaming Jets and a luminary in Australian rock for over three decades, will be remembered as one of the nation's most prolific songwriters.

His illustrious career with The Jets spanned more than 10 studio albums, with over 50 songs to his credit. Woseen's songwriting has shaped some of Australia's most iconic rock anthems, including the APRA "Song of the Year" nominee and enduring radio classic, "Helping Hand."

Woseen's influence on The Screaming Jets echoes through the band's illustrious discography, notably highlighted by 5 of the band’s studio albums, including their groundbreaking debut "All For One" (1991), which all hit the Top 5 of the ARIA Charts. Underscoring the band's enduring popularity, their 30th-Anniversary re-recording of "All For One" in 2021 made a triumphant return to the ARIA Albums Chart at #4. And their most recent album release, "Professional Misconduct" (2023), serving as Paul’s last recording with the band before his passing, not only debuted impressively at #3 on the ARIA Charts but also clinched the coveted #1 position on both the ARIA Australian albums and Vinyl albums charts.


Additionally, it claimed the top spot on both the iTunes and AIR (Australian Independent Record) album charts, solidifying Woseen's pivotal role in steering The Screaming Jets to continued chart-topping success.

Beyond his contributions to The Screaming Jets, Paul Woseen's solo endeavor, "Bambido," serves as a testament to his musical versatility and depth. This solo venture showcased a different facet of his artistry, demonstrating a continued commitment to pushing creative boundaries.

In the landscape of Australian rock, Paul Woseen's clever union of heartfelt lyrics,  and unforgettable melodies not only propelled The Screaming Jets to huge success but also cemented his place in the Australia music industry.


His enduring influence resonates through chart-topping albums and timeless hits, that demonstrates the breadth of his artistry.


Paul Woseen will be remembered as the heartbeat of The Screaming Jets and a pivotal figure in shaping the sound of a generation through his songwriting. He has left an indelible mark on the fabric of Australian rock history.

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