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Local hoteliers ready to hit the road for this year’s Variety Bash

Updated: May 15, 2019

Out on the road for Variety last year, Newcastle hoteliers Mick Starkey and Dean Trengrove.

On Sunday, 19 May more than 100 cars are expected to gather at Foreshore Park, Newcastle before heading off for the annual NSW Variety Bash.

Since 2013, the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) Newcastle Hunter Sub-Branch has been the major sponsor of Variety’s NSW Bash, an iconic 2,000-kilometre, round-trip adventure from Newcastle, made in cars more than 30 years old.

“AHA members have supported the Variety Bash event almost since its inception, with member hotels sponsoring, supporting and participating in the Bash and other Variety events,” AHA Newcastle Hunter spokesperson Nikki Taylor said.

“Each year, AHA Newcastle Hunter Sub-Branch and its members participate in the event, and through raffles and other initiatives, raise money for Variety. There’s also stops at some pubs along the way.”

Participants must raise a minimum of $4,000 per car to enter the event, while it is also possible to make donations and sponsor other drivers.

Last year, hoteliers including Dean Trengrove, Mick Starkey and Brett McGovern, along with sponsorship from Australian Hotels Association Newcastle Hunter, helped raise more than $1 million for Variety via the Bash event

Some of the hoteliers taking part in this year’s Bash include Mick Starkey - The Stag and Hunter Hotel, Mick Millet – Seabreeze Hotel, Nick and James Clark – Nags Head Hotel, Scott Webster – Carrington Place and Stephen Hunt – Hunt Hospitality.

Mr Hunt, owner of The Kent Hotel, the Duke of Wellington, Lakeside Village Tavern and Seabreeze Hotel this year launched a fundraising initiative across all local venues to raise $100,000 for Variety as part of the event.

“We actually exceeded that goal and for those of us who are able to give back to families and communities in need, seeing the smiling faces of the kids in the small rural towns when they see the cars and are given badly needed items such as a computer to use at school, is priceless," he said.

The NSW Variety Bash will leave Foreshore Park, Newcastle at 9am on Sunday, 19 May.

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