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Kennel Girls Car Wash for men's mental health - Hotel Cessnock

This Saturday 17 March, Hotel Cessnock will be transformed into a car wash to raise money for men's mental health.

The Kennel Girls Car Wash is the brainchild of local resident Callum Orchard and his mate Matt Blanch who together created The Kennel - a mental health support group for men.

Matt said the pair started building the non-profit organisation after interaction with their Facebook support page started to grow.

"At first we just started the page as a group where men going through situations with marriage-breakdown, custody issues and other kinds of problems could find support," Matt explained.

"After a while we realised we could do even more by starting the Kennel, a non-profit organisation that raises money for men's mental health support systems."

Keen to support the initiative, Hotel Cessnock will supply the venue, water and a $250 kick-starter for the car wash fundraiser.

"As we know, all charities are good charities," hotel spokesperson Laurie Howell said.

"This one however is run by local people and a percentage of money raised will be spent on men’s mental health locally. The people involved are genuine people who are keen to make a difference, so we are keen to help."

The event kicks off at 10am and includes live music with Chowder Keg, a barbecue, and raffles.

For more information contact Hotel Cessnock on 02 4990 1002

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