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Hotel Beatty and a fundraiser that just sticks

You've probably never seen a fundraiser quite like this...

At the Hotel Beatty, East Gresford they like to do things a little bit different and that includes throwing money onto the ceiling in support of non-profit groups like Camp Quality and Beyond Blue.

Hotel owner Bernie Lawler said he came across the idea during a charity Postie Challenge ride to Cameron Corner at Tibooburra, about 1400 kms north west of Newcastle.

"It was during a charity Postie Challenge for Cystic Fibrosis back in 2014 and out there we saw that they raised money for the Flying Doctors by throwing money onto the ceiling and making it stick," Mr Lawler said.

"So one of our guys threw $20 up, then I threw $20 up, and so it went on and on..."

After heading home and implementing the idea at the Hotel Beatty, the unique fundraiser has raised more than $1200 for Cystic Fibrosis, $1100 for Beyond Blue and is currently raising money for Camp Quality.

"Since we started doing this it has raised a lot of interest from patrons, both local and especially visitors," Mr Lawler said.

"And they always ask me the same inevitable question. How do you get the money to stick to the ceiling with only one throw?"

"I always tell the same answer. Give us $5 and I'll show you."

Along with finding out the secret to pinning money onto the ceiling with a single throw, there are plenty of good reasons to head to the Beatty Hotel at East Gresford.

One would be the annual charity Gresford Bill Cart Derby run by the hotel and coming up on Saturday, 31 March - or you can always just stop in for a cold one and say hi to Vinnie the pub dog.

He likes to sunbake.

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