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Dog friendly pubs in the Hunter

Image courtesy of Newcastle Herald.

You're thirsty.

You're friends are waiting.

You grab your keys and are about to lock the door behind you when.... Your dog gives you 'that' face.

If you have a dog, you know the face we're talking about. Droopy head and those sad puppy dog eyes.

It's the worst, BUT... We have a solution!

A list of doggie-friendly pubs across Newcastle and the Hunter Region. You and your pooch are welcome!

Your pooch can accompany you to the hotel's beer garden.

You and your best mate are welcome to find a table together in the beer garden at The Belmore.

Four-legged friends are welcome at Bushrangers. You can hang with them under the veranda and in the hotel's outdoor area.

The Cally is dog friendly and welcomes your pal in the beer garden.

The Commercial is proudly pet friendly ad welcomes you and your four-legged friend to come on down and check it out.

Dogs are very welcome at The Clarendon. The hotel has a large outdoor beer garden in the heart of the city and encourage patrons to bring their best friend.

The hotel's beer garden is doggie friendly, as are the tables out the front.

Small dogs are welcome in the beer garden only at Customs House

Best pals are welcome to come along and relax with you in the Erringhi Hotel beer garden.

The Greenroof would love to invite you and your pooch to come and chill out in the hotels' beer garden.

The Horse and Jockey Hotel welcomes dogs and also provides water bowls, tie up points and leads.

Unfortunately dogs are not permitted to enter the hotel, but they are welcome to join you at the tables out the front.

Your furry friend is welcome on the hotel's terrace (beer garden) and also on the footpath dining area.

Your and your pooch are welcome to find a table on the Mattara's back deck and relax with a couple of drinks.

You can enjoy a cold one with your pal in the beer garden or on the veranda, and if you really love your dog, you can even have them join you while you have dinner in the outdoor eatery.

Dogs are welcome in the newly named Newcastle Hotel's hotel's courtyard.

Four-legged buddies are allowed to join you in the beer garden, as well as at seating provided at the front of the hotel.

Does your dog just love to feel the salty breeze blowing in his or her fur? The outside wharf area of the Queen Wharf Hotel is dog friendly.

If you pooch is small to medium sized feel free to bring them along to the Dudley Hotel. They are welcome to join you in the hotel's beer garden area.

Perhaps the doggie haven of hotels, the Royal at Murrurundi has an off-leash enclosed grass area at the rear of the venue for your four-legged friend to run free while you enjoy a cold one. Staff even provide water bowls.

You and your pal can hang out in the hotel courtyard under the jacaranda tree. Dogs are not allowed to go into the pergola dining area however.

Fur babies are welcome in the hotel's rear beer garden, and not content to just invite dogs to the venue, there is also a hitching rail for local horses that often come by for a visit!

Know a pub that welcomes dogs and isn't on our list? Be sure to tell us about it in the comments section below and we'll add it in!

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