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AHA NSW has joined forces with the St. Vincent de Paul Society to raise much-needed funds for areas affected by severe flooding in NSW.

The "When it rains, we pour!" fundraising campaign, kicked off with a $25,000 donation from AHA NSW will allow pubs and their patrons to channel funds through a single source and ensure they get where they are most needed as quickly as possible.

Funds raised via the appeal will be used by Vinnies to provide immediate assistance via food, clothing, household goods, and other everyday necessities to people who’ve been evacuated from their homes or are impacted by the floods. Funds will also be used to help support people rebuild their lives over the longer-term.

To kick the campaign off AHA NSW has donated $25,000 and CEO John Whelan said he hopes it is just the beginning.

“The severe weather across NSW in the last week has caused widespread damage,” he said.

“People have been left homeless, they have lost businesses, and many are left with astronomical clean-up bills,” he said.

“Pubs are the hearts of their communities and as an industry, we want to do what we can to help.”

The "When it rains, we pour!" campaign website allows pubs and individual patrons to donate directly to Vinnies.

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