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Khartoum Hotel Mega Burger Challenge Goes Global

Updated: May 8, 2021

Sydney-sider James Webb was the first to conquer the 5kg burger challenge in under 30 minutes.

Five months after its inception, the Khartoum Hotel's mega burger challenge has been conquered. Now people from all over Australia are biting at the chance to conquer the monolithic mega burger.

At the start of the year, Khartoum Hotel (also known as Kitchener Hotel) operator Ray Prescott had no idea the idea for a mega burger challenge would launch the regional pub onto a global stage.

Keen to find a new way to attract people to the pub, at the end of January Ray worked with his team to come up with a 5kg burger challenge, complete with 500g of wedge and 500g of fries, which had to be eaten in less than 30 minutes.

While 55 hopefuls had previously taken the challenge and failed, when Sydney-sider James Webb conquered the quest last weekend, the pub and it's mammoth burger found instant fame.

"I can't believe the exposure we have got from the burger challenge, not just locally, but nationally and globally," Ray said.

"I have been contacted by people n the UK and the United States wanting to know more about our burger."

"I have been contacted by people n the UK and the United States wanting to know more about our burger" - Hotelier Ray Prescott

So far the burger and its conqueror have been featured in media across Australia and even in Japan.

If you think you have what it takes to devour the burger in under 30 minutes, the prize goes up by $50 every week until another winner is found.

And if you don't fancy yourself as speed eater, the burger dish can also be ordered as a family meal to share, which according to Ray is also very popular with patrons.



Want to try it?

Khartoum Hotel

19 Cessnock St, Kitchener NSW 2325 Phone: (02) 4990 1560

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