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Adelaide Study Tour - Day Two. The AAMI Adelaide Cup...

Day Two saw our group head to the annual AAMI Adelaide Cup held at Morphetville Racecourse.

Our day at the races was proudly sponsored by Lion.

A bit of history about the event: It was first held in 1864 and began as a sports event, but has since become one of the most important annual social events in Adelaide. After being declared a public holiday in 1973, and held on the second Monday in March, the race sits nicely alongside other local events and festivals including the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

After our coach transfer, our group spent the day in The Home Straight, an amazing function space located on the upper level of the Derby Pavillion.

After our coach transfer, our group spent the day in The Home Straight, an amazing function space located on the upper level of the Derby Pavillion...

With views over the winning post, The Home Straight provided our group with a platinum five-hour drinks package, betting facilities, and a three-course meal including Applewoods gin cured ocean trout, prawn, salmon pate, yuzu avacado and roe. For main we were treated to either 36 degree south beef and black bean with red pepper daughinoise, scorched onion, black bean butter and puffed tapioca - or, duo of Catonese spiced duck with confit leg, breast, kamrakh chutney and gai Ian. Dessert was chocolate, cherry, coconut.

Throughout the day we had the chance to watch and make wagers on nine races including the prestigious Adelaide Cup itself, Race Seven.

Overall there were winners and there were losers, but regardless of waging outcomes, it was good fun and a great day was had by all.


  • When you're at the races with a fantastic group of people, it doesn't matter whether you back a winner because great company always comes first

  • The best way to get a group of hoteliers and guests back to the bus after five hours at the races, is to tell them its the bus to the casino and if they don't get on it immediately they can't go

  • The above strategy came courtesy of Mick Starkey - know your audience

  • The horse and jockeys who experienced a fall in Race 8 were okay

  • It is possible to go the races in coach full of hoteliers and guests without anyone getting messy and no ladies having to remove their shoes on the way out - wow

  • Our group scrubs up pretty well in their race attire

  • Races are a great method of networking when it comes to reading a form guide and creating syndicates. There is unison and bonding to be found in together experiencing the highs and lows of watching a random horse decide the future of your $5, $10, $50 or whatever you were brave enough to lay down

A full image gallery of Day Two at the Adelaide Cup will be posted in our AHA Facebook closed group.

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